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This is the sketchbook, flash drive, and bookshelf of 25 teenagers and two Lead Artists who meet weekly at MCA Chicago to collectively explore what art is. http://mcachicago.org/TCAatMCA


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Saturday 3.3.12

Burrrrr. It was freezing today as we TCAers and our new friends from Kuumba Lynx piled onto a bus and headed to the Dorchester Project site, where the great Theaster Gates himself gave us a mind opening tour of his artistic projects. We also met Marc Bamuthi Joseph, who introduced us to his his project Red, Black Green.

My favorite part: Theaster Gates demonstrated that “Art is more than art!” I’ve always felt that while art has its intrinstic value because of its creativity and expression of inner thoughts, it can and should do more for our world. Creativity is such a valuable commodity and artists should use their creativity not only to create beautiful works of art but also to help solve some of the many problems our communities and country is facing. Theaster Gates does just that as he reaches out to his community through providing jobs and creating a hub of creative energy, bringing hope back to his neighborhood.

- Lucy

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